Sandy Arena Biography
Sandy Arena is a portrait, movement and event photographer, a writer, and   the founder and director of an organization called Worth More Nation that empowers youth and young adults in foster care to know their worth through pageantry, fashion and giving initiatives.  She is wife to Sam Arena and mom to five beautiful children - Alexis, Caleb, Clyde, Claudia and Annaliese. Sandy is a runner having completed a f​ull and half marathon in her lifetime. She was a former fitness instructor, as well as a newspaper journalist and editor, and food and restaurant publicist. She is the author of the book Yahweh Ballet: Learning to Dance by Faith and filmmaker to the feature length film Arise Sweet Sarah. She previously traveled with her live show The Life Ballet - after which the film version Arise Sweet Sarah was created - throughout the United States and into Canada, and has been a featured speaker at events and colleges, and on radio and television.  In all her endeavors, Sandy is passionate about sharing the joys of motherhood & family, as well as proclaiming her faith in Jesus. A former homeschool teacher, she is an advocate for this educational model and has consulted with many families as such, as well as written about their family's journey in a published online magazine. She juggles duties as a basketball, football, dance, modeling and pageant momager!

Highlights and details from the many roles and positions she has held throughout her work and ministry endeavors:
Sandy's early career included working as a director of public relations for a nonprofit organization, a lifestyle editor for a weekly newspaper, and an account representative for an international commercial news wire. She went on to work as a freelance writer and publicist specializing in food/chef publicity in the Philadelphia and greater New York areas under the company she founded called Envisage Public Relations.

In 2006, she opened a ballet studio and Christian dance company for her oldest daughter Alexis - who was 13 years old at the time - called the Yahweh Ballet. It was a call from God and a love gift for her. She ran the studio from 2006 until 2011 training hundreds of children in the art and discipline of ballet with a heart to worship God. During that time she wrote and directed several ballets, as well as received funding from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation to host free community dance lasses partnering with an inner city school. She worked extensively with youth at risk in our city sharing a love of dance and sharing the good news of Jesus.  Through this outreach program, she met twins Clyde and Claudia who were later permanently adopted into the Arena family.

Sandy completed a leadership training program in July 2012 in post abortive recovery through Abortion Recovery International's Share Symposium (ARIN) and served as a New York State ambassador for ARIN. She has been a guest speaker at prolife events and college chapels, and on radio and television including: Breaking Christian News, Ethel Chadwick's Bagels and Blessings, The Miracle Channel in Lethbridge, Canada, TCT.TV, Scribal Advance Radio, Day Gardner's Radio, Monday Minute, Kim Ketola Cradle My Heart Radio, Break for Life, and Bethel College's Student Chapel where she shared her testimony of regret after abortion to hundreds of students..​ She also traveled around the country and into Canada sharing The Life Ballet live production in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Indiana, Tenessee, Colorado, Texas, California , Canada and on the steps of the New York state capital in Albany. Her hope is to continue that work and tour with the film, share her story and testimony, and bring live performers from the film. She also hopes to continue working more intimately with people suffering after abortion through healing dance workshops

The Life Ballet has been turned into a film adaptation called "Arise Sweet Sarah" with their association with Verb Records. The film was released in September 2015 in Rochester, NY and has been featured at multiple film festivals.

​ She is a songwriter who has written many faith-inspired songs and who wrote much of the original music for The Life Ballet and Arise Sweet Sarah.

In 2009, she was named one of the 175 Empowered Women in Rochester in honor of the city's 175th Anniversary by the Rochester Genesee Valley Club.

 She is a former homeschool educator to three of her five children managing their educations for a total of 14 years.

Latstly, Sandy is the founder of a non-profit organization called Worth More Nation that empowers children in foster care to find their worth through pageantry and fashion initiatives. She also runs a special-occasion closet open to children impacted by foster care full of clothing donated from around the country.